25 MAR 2009

All participants from GEA Niro had a good experience and feel they benefited from ANUGA FoodTec exhibition.

A stand with the new GEA corporate identity beautifully implemented. Innovative and professional initiatives and last but not least many seemingly impressed and interested visitors. This year's Anuga FoodTec was described as a success in a press announcement from the organizer after the fair ended, and the people behind and on the GEA stand was also very satisfied with the stand.

Sten Warburg, deputy division manager of the food and dairy division in GEA Niro, was very content with the stand and the merchandise on the stand.

“The whole GEA stand was both good and stylish, and our new animation of a complete dairy factory was a really good attraction. The food and dairy brochures related to the animation was selling like hot cakes,” says Sten Warburg.

He also gives credit to his colleagues at the research and development department for their presentation of the new DRYNETICS™ technology:

“DRYNETICS™ gave them impression of a cutting edge company with a high level of technology”.

The new DRYNETICS™ technology
Jakob Sloth from the Research and Development department, who is one of the people behind the DRYNETICS™ invention, was also very content with the exhibition.

“I think we had a really good exhibition,” he says.

“There was a good thread between the stands of the different GEA companies. The GEA Niro stand worked well and attracted people’s attention. Even though there seemed not to be many people at the exhibition in general, I think our stand had a very high level of activity compared to the other stands at the exhibition.”

Jakob Sloth also thinks the DRYNETICS™ setup got a lot of positive attention. GEA Niro had made a setup consisting of a flat screen with a movie of the process, an exhibition case with a levitator and two posters.

“Particularly people, who already had a basic knowledge about spray drying, were very impressed with the DRYNETICS™ method. I think DRYNETICS™ helped show that GEA Niro is technically ahead,” says Jakob Sloth.

“We also got a lot of interesting questions from the visitors. People always asked how we made the drop hang in the air. Many of the questions were also aimed at which drying properties we can find with the apparatus such as morphology formation, drying rate and particle stickiness. And finally there were a lot of questions about, which specific changes in plant design we have made on the basis of DRYNETICS™.”

Jakob Sloth thinks that the exhibition was a good opportunity to launch the DRYNETICS™ concept. He thinks that GEA Niro drew attention to the fact that we have this scientific method as a supplement to the company’s other methods.

All GEA companies satisfied
The Anuga FoodTec exhibition also seemed a success for the rest of the companies, who participated at the joined stand.

“All the GEA companies have been very satisfied with the high quality of the visitors,” says Jürgen Henke, Chairman of GEA Exhibition Committee.

“The interest in the GEA stand was very strong, and this fact has been reported by all press visitors to me when they came; in their opinion the GEA Group made the show! The GEA stand itself has convinced everybody by a clear design and a logic structure, and this was reported by all in a highly positive way.”