The GEA Niro Pharmaceutical Spray Drying facility at the GEA Niro Test Centre includes two fully equipped GEA Niro PHARMASD™ spray dryers type PSD-1 and PSD- 4 for spray drying under cGMP conditions. The plants are available for spray drying process development and for manufacturing.

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Plant configuration

  • Main components: Chamber, cyclone, bag filter, HEPA-filters, condenser, electrical heaters
  • Nitrogen as drying gas
  • Closed-cycle loop
  • Powder collection under cyclone. Bag filter for collecting fines
  • Atomization methods:
    - Pressure nozzle, co-current
    - Two-fluid nozzle, co-current


  • Mixing of various solvents possible
  • Dosing and mixing of various raw materials possible
  • Filtration of feed possible


  • Water
  • Ethanol
  • Methanol
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Acetone
  • Methylene chloride
  • Ethyl acetate

Operating parameters

Inlet temperature up to 220 C
Outlet temperature up to 150 C
Condenser temperature down to -18 C
Feed temperature 5 C to 80 C
Pressure nozzle, atomization pressure 10 bar to 100 bar
Two-fluid nozzle, gas pressure 0,5 bar to 14 bar
Two-fl uid nozzle, atomization gas temperature 18 C to 100 C


CIP liquid temperature: Up to 80 C

The PSD-1 spray dryer is a lab size unit with a nominal drying gas rate of 80 kg./h. The PSD-4 spray dryer is the a full scale production unit with a nominal drying gas rate of 1250 kg./h.

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