20 APR 2010
Earlier this year, GEA Niro sold its 2,200th MOBILE MINOR™ spray dryer. The MOBILE MINOR™ - which is an R&D size spray dryer - was sold to the Department of Particle Technology of the German Ruhr-University of Bochum. At the university - known for its work in food, polymer and life sciences - the unit is to be applied for research within the field of smart particle systems with controlled release behaviour.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcus Petermann from the university says: ‘The MOBILE MINOR™ from GEA Niro is a well-recognized spray dryer for R&D purposes and known to be a workhorse in many R&D facilities. It is a very versatile unit, and we are looking forward to working with it’.
The unit for the Ruhr-University was designed for both a two-fluid nozzle and rotary atomizer for operation with powders presenting a dust explosion hazard (class ST 2) and as a new standard feature delivered with a USB key slot for easy data logging. 
The MOBILE MINOR™ is the most popular GEA Niro spray dryer for R&D purposes. It is an excellent unit for exploring the possibilities of spray drying, for making test work and powder samples and for establishing the process data required for scale-up. The MOBILE MINOR™ is available in a number of different versions and can be configured to meet the users’ exact needs and requirements.
GEA Niro’s spray drying solutions for R&D and small-scale production include a range of models with evaporative capacities spanning from below 1 kg. up to 110 kg/h.