Better control means better products and reduced costs for operating your spray drying plant. Whether you are in the Food, Dairy, Chemical or Pharmaceutical industry, an upgraded control panel will give you ultimate control of your processes and the ability to back trace process parameters.

Computer technology moves on so quickly that control equipment soon becomes outdated. By retrofitting a new GEA Niro control panel as a convenient and flexible operator interface, it is possible to add data storage, remote data access and remote monitoring to drying plants of all ages.  

Benefits include:

  • Maximum flexibility, inventory reduction and easy upgrades
  • Communication through multiple ports
  • Advanced functionality including trending, expressions, data logging and advanced graphics
  • Touch screen, screen with keypad or combined screen options
  • High quality graphics for clear crisp visuals
  • Compact Flash card slot for transferring files, logging data and system upgrades
  • Immediate and automatic start-up and shut-down of your plant avoiding waste of energy
  • Optional remote support through the Internet or direct phone line
  • Additional PC-based operator station option

GEA Process Engineering's engineers will handle the complete exchange of your outdated control panel including dismantling the existing panel, installation, commissioning, testing and final acceptance with minimum disruption of your production schedule.